Babywearing: How do you store YOUR stash?

Babywearing in a woven wrap

A stack of braided woven wraps

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SomeĀ  people collect fashion items like shoes or purses. Well, I collect baby carriers – woven wraps, to be more specific! And I consider them to be fashion items as well. If you’ve never met someone who’s a wrap enthusiast you may not be familiar with the term “stash” used in this manner, but I can assure you that many parents do have wrap stashes; Anywhere from a couple wraps to potentially dozens or hundreds! My modest collection currently sits at about 10.

Woven wrap stash stored in a Thirty-One Deluxe Utility Tote

Photo Credit: Carrie McCleaf-Dean

Whether you have 10 or 100 wraps, storage can be a dilemma. I used to keep mine on a hat rack in my front hallway but as I added to the pile it became a bit too heavy to stay on a wall-mounted rack. Some people braid their wraps and hang them up, while others buy special shelves or racks to display them. My solution? A large utility tote! It fits all of my wraps perfectly and is easy to transport when I want to take them to meet-ups.

For those with larger stashes, the deluxe utility tote is another option. It will hold more carriers, and also has outer pockets for babywearing extras like sling rings.


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