Bicycle basket alternatives

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Those who know me well known that I’m a bit of a bike fanatic. When it’s not snowy and icy here in Edmonton (and even sometimes when it is!) I use my bicycle to get many places where other people would use theirs cars. This means toting children and of course all their stuff, which can sometimes get tricky on two wheels!

Oh Snap Bin from Thirty-One Gifts CanadaWe’re having a brief warm and sunny snap right now and it’s got my planning for the season of cycling ahead. I’m thinking the Oh-Snap Bin is going to make the perfect mini-bike basket this spring. Perhaps I’ll snap two together and put them on my handlebars. The personalized embroidery options this season even include a cute little bicycle!

Fresh Market Thermal from Thirty-One Gifts CanadaAnd a little Pinterest research also tells me that the Fresh Market Thermal is the perfect size to fit in the back of my Chariot bike trailer, and I bet it would sit nicely in the back bucket of my cargo bike too. It will be fabulous for picnics and farmer’s market trips by bike this summer.

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