My first show as a Thirty-One Independent Consultant

I set up at a local neighbourhood Outgrown-It sale this weekend. There were lots of people eyeing my Thirty-One Gifts products, since they are still relatively new on the scene here in Edmonton, Alberta. I booked a couple parties and got a chance to chat up tons of interested folks.

Thirty-One Gifts trade show table in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Here’s a look at what I set up on my table:

  • Black single bed sheet from Target (cheaper than a tablecloth!)
  • Pink binder with the entire Thirty-One Gifts Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog page-by-page in plastic sleeves, as well as hostess and customer specials, order forms, and mini-catalogs
  • Business cards at both corners of the table
  • Photo frames (also from Target) highlighting the customer specials
  • iPad showcasing Thirty-One products in a slide show
  • Clipboards with order forms, hostess information, and pens
  • A fabulous array of Thirty-One Gifts products. Thanks to my friend Robyn for loaning me some of her stash! The purses along the front are hanging from Christmas stocking hangers. Yay for repurposing seasonal items! 😉

I also had my laptop on hand and used my iPhone’s personal hotspot feature to connect the laptop to the internet, allowing customers to browse the web catalog and place online orders on the spot!

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